I make VRoid models and assets.
Feel free to contact me for any inquiries.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible of the use of the models I make, also I am not related to any kind of content the owner of a model makes.


Tip: Click on the last pic of each set to see the full 3D model

Commissions info


Type of serviceBase priceIncludesFile type
Full model$80File with hair, clothes, textures (face, skin and hair), accesories, custom body proportions, 6 different expressions, full body rig and a set of minimum 5 pics with different poses/ expressions. Can include glasses animal ears, wings, horns and/or hat, etc.vrm/vroid


Type of serviceBase priceIncludesFile type
Clothing piece$22Choose between top piece, bottom piece, dress, socks/tights, shoes, underwear, etc.png/vroid
Regular accesory$15Choose between glasses, animal ears, horns, necklace, earrings, bracelet, etc.png/vroid
Special accesory$20Choose between wings, tail, hat, etc.vrm/vroid
Skin texture$12Files of base skin texture for the whole body, including head.png
Hair texture$6Hair texturepng
Full clothing$35Files of top piece, bottom piece, dress, socks/tights, shoes, accesories, underwear, etc.png/vroid
Full face$25Files of skin (head only), iris, eye highlights, scleras, eyebrows, eyelids, eyeliner, eyelashes, nose, mouth (inside and lips), blush, and face paint.png/vroid
Full hair$30File with hair, textures needed and physics.vroid

All of the models and assets are 100% custom made to the client's liking and have commercial use included.
Prices are in USD.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the process to commission you?
First of all you need to have something on mind!
Then you can send your idea to me thru any of my social media, we will discuss some details and, once you send the payment, I will start working ASAP. Then I will be sending you my process so you can tell me any changes you might need.
Once it is finished I will send you the file(s) and that's it!
What is a VRoid model?
A VRoid model is a 3D character fully rigged that you can use as an avatar, as something to replace your real self in front of a camera, or even as a character in certain platforms and games.
This kind of model is ideal for Vtubing and for those who want to create content while keeping their appearance in the anonymity.

What platforms can I use my VRoid model on?
Once you have your VRoid model set on OBS or similar program, you can use it on any platform that allows streaming, such as:
The .vrm format of a VRoid model is accepted on games like:Craftopia
There are also processes using Unity where you can convert a .vrm file to use it on VRCHAT
You can also create your own videogames or make animations on:
Unreal Engine
MikuMikuDance (MMD)

The examples mentioned above are just a few platforms you can use, however there are a lot more!

What hardware and software do I need for my model?
For the software, what I recommend is VSeeFace or VMagicMirror, both are free and very easy to use.
For hadware you would need at least a microphone, and, very important but not obligatory, a webcam. This is because some softwares can make some movements using only your voice, but using a camera for face tracking will always make it look more alive.
If you want hand tracking you would need a leap motion or an iPhone, and for full body you can get special suits made for that.
Aditionally, if you want to stream with your VRoid model, you will need OBS studio or other similar program that allows you to capture, record and stream.Even if this looks like a lot, actually you don't need to have a Gamer PC or something powerful to use your VRoid model. Using a VRoid model does not require a lot of resources from your computer, so don't worry on that.

Do I need to credit you everytime I use/show my model?
Credits are not necessary but are very appreciated! Just please don't claim my work as yours.
What does "base price" means?
It means that the price starts at that number an can go up deppending on the complexity of what you want. The price sometimes can go lower but only in very simple designs.
What is a .vroid file?
A .vroid file is an editable kind of file where you can see all of the assets used on the model individually and modify a lot of things.
What is a .vrm file?
A .vroid file is a ready-to-use kind of file. Just drop it on the program you like and you're ready to go!

Terms of Service

Extra prices and fees, payment and refunds:
♦ I will start working when at least half of the payment is done. You can pay 100% and get what you commissioned immediately once it's done. Or you can pay 50% at the start, and once your commission is done you pay the other 50%, when the full payment is done, then I will send you the file.
♦ I charge $15 extra to include the .vroid file of a full model, for partials I charge +$6, unless the item is required to be .vroid to work, in which case, there will be no extra fee.
♦ You can make 3 changes for Partials and 6 changes to a Full one. If you where to exceed this or the changes are too heavy, an extra fee will be applied.
♦ If you have a nearly deadline, an extra fee will be applied.
♦ If you want me to create something for you without refference, an extra fee will be applied.
♦ Detailed work will have extra cost.
♦ Refunds can be done but will go according to the work already done -20%. For example, if your commission is 50%, then you can have only a 30% refund. Also you will not receive the work done.
♦ Turn around time for a full model is about 3-14 days. For partials it is 1-5 days. This depends on complexity, feedback and work load.
♦ Depending on the characteristics, it is possible that there are some parts that can not be done, but sometimes I can do something similar by modifying your design a little bit, in which case, you will be notified.
♦ You will get at least 3 WIPs of your commission. If you commission a full model then there will be at least 5.
♦ If your description is not enough for me to work, I will notify you.
♦ If you are going to commission just a part of a model, you must have the .vroid file to be able to modify it. I don't take responsability if the client is not abble to use the commissioned part because of not having the correct file to modify.
♦ I can post the results of your commissions on my social media immediatly after completing it. Everytime I post something related to your model you will be credited as the owner. If you want to keep it secret for a certain time because your having a debut or any other reason, please let me know.
♦ If I finish your commission you have one month to pay, and you must answer for the feedback at least within 3 weeks. If you don't, I will cancel your commission and I can put parts of it on sale in my store.
♦ All my work includes commercial use on the price.

You can:
✔ Modify a model made by my or part(s) of it.
✔ Sell a model with modified part(s) made by me. However you must notify me first, and I have the right to refuse or authorize this.
✔ Use anything you commissioned me in other models as long as only you are using them.
✔ Use the pics from your model's photoshoot in any social media, thumbnail or baner, and you can modify them however you want.
You can not:
✘ Resell a model made by me without my knowledge and at a higher price.
✘ Resell part(s) made by me.
✘ Claim any model or part(s) of a model made by me as made by you.
✘ Giving acces to third parties to any of my creations without my knowledge and consent.
✘ Create merch with your model's pics taken by me.

By sending the payment, you agree to abide by my Terms of Service


This blacklist is a list of people that I don't feel comfortable working with again.
If you are an artist feel free to take a look, however it's up to you to if you let these people commission you.
The main reason would be not following my T.O.S., however there might be other reasons.
Blacklisting goes according to my own criteria, so even if you feel like you did nothing wrong, I'm the one with the last word here.
I am most likely to NOT delete someone of the blacklist once their in, so don't bother on contacting me to discuss this.
Also it is not my responsability to notify the user that they where added to the blacklist.

UserReason of BlacklistEvidence
Laura MoonlightDemanded heavy changes and didn't want to pay extra for them, said changes could be done in early stages of the commission but she didn't mentioned them until the commission was done, then she claimed that she asked for that since the beginning, but she didn't.Link

Disclaimer: This blacklist is only to have a record to look at and don't forget about it. This is NOT for difamation or hate purposses.

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